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I am a Metalsmith and Small Business Owner, Can I Handle Both?

It’s Al, founder of Automic Gold.
I want to share what I’ve been up to at this week.
Did you hear about the new tax reform? It’s a LOT to process. Literally - there’s 400 pages of changes, plus markings on page gutters??
I’ve attended a whole workshop on new tax code trying to get a grasp of it. Long story short - we get more money on each paycheck, but there’s less to be deducted. As a result - most people will see much less $$$ on their tax refunds next year, and more folks will pay more taxes in total.
I SNORTED Michelle Visage’s book “The Diva Rules” (she is one of the judges on RuPaul's Drag Race).
Reading the book made me her FAN. Her book follows her through her struggles to achieve success, but it is an easy read. It’s full of thorough advices which are easy to relate to and apply to yourself. Even though I don’t want to be on a stage EVER AGAIN (I learned that i am an introvert the hard way 😭), her book inspired me to be fierce, kind and persistent and never to be scared to be myself.
I’ve been hard at work on new Hoop earrings that are comfy and 24/7-ready. I transformed solid gold wire into new Hoops that are durable and have a safe lock. I was proof-testing them every day, tweaking design here and there.
Then, I started to calculate the costs and Oh My, should I include them in our collection? Prices will be in a range of a few hundred dollars for a pair! Should I make them from hollow tube with simple endless closure? It would be more affordable, but locking them is harder. Have to think about it more - if you want to weigh in, comment below.
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