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Meet our Pride Employees!

 This week we asked our LGBT+ Founder & employees what pride means them. See what they said below!

Hi, My name is AL and my pronouns are They/Them.

I’m the founder of Automic Gold and I am the designer behind all the jewelry you see.

I identify as a leather dyke, as a non binary, and as a queer person. I really like June month because it feels for me like a gay Christmas. I’m not religious, I don't celebrate Christmas. So during Christmas, it feels like I’m missing out on something. But during pride it feels like the best holiday for me and my chosen family.

I love to celebrate, I love to go to protests. I like to get our voices amplified and I like to push gay agenda farther and farther.


My name Is Brandi, I go by B and my pronouns are she/her.

I am Pansexual.

I’m a jeweler for Automic Gold. I take rough castings and make them nice tiny and pretty before they get shipped out.

Pride means that. Can live my life as both a black person and a queer person and be unapologetic about both. My favorite aspects of the LGBT community is the art, the fashion, the free expression.



My name is Parker and my pronouns are she and her. I identify as a gay woman.

I am the creative director of Automic Gold and my job is to create the visual branding for the packaging, emails, anything design wise is what I’m in charge of.

Pride means accepting yourself, and loving who you are and not giving a fuck about what anybody thinks about you because they’re not important. Pride means having an amazing community you’re a part of that’s filled with talented amazing, strong people. 


Hi, I’m M. I’m a Leo. My pronouns are They/She and I identify as a queer bitch.

I’m a jeweler at Automic Gold and I do a lot of the torch things and laser wielding things. Making a lot of chains.

Pride to me means finding the community that supports you and uplifts you. And Making a home wherever you can. My fav aspects of the queer community are the artists and the creatives, cause’ if everybody like us didn’t exist, the world would be very boring.


My name is Chris and my pronouns are he, boo, and papi ;-)

I identify with the LGBT+ community because I’m tied to it, innately tied to it, and connected to it. A lot of us share the same experiences , whether it’s our coming out story or just being who we are. I am the customer service director. I take care of all of your emails.

So 99% of the time, you’re speaking with me.

Pride means being authentically yourself and really celebrating who you are.  My favorite aspect of the LGBT+ community is that we’re bold as bitches. We’re so fearless and seeing that energy all the time is so motivating and inspiring.

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