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Automic Gold at SoHo

We Are Coming to Soho!

This Christmas season only, we are opening pop-up shop in SoHo! That's exciting news for us! We always wanted to be closer to our customers and were always tempted to get IRL presence. Now it's a reality with a start date 🎊.

Starting October 16th, we will have our own corner in a beloved SoHo!! Save the address - Broadway Market, 483 Broadway, New York, NY.

Where's that?

It's in Broadway Market. Broadway Market is a space for creative brands and artists to show themselves right in the heart of SoHo shopping heaven.

At Broadway Market, we are on the left side of the space. Tip: Look for Andromeda galaxy 😉

Space + Science

We wanted to create a unique shopping experience which will reflect our jewelry - fun, authentic and thought out. And, we want it to be easy and convenient to shop.

That's why at our upcoming shop, you would be able to leave the hustle of SoHo for a moment to marvel at the beauty of the universe, look at some fun science experiments and sit down at our bar to try on all our earrings.

Come visit us 👋🏼 ☺️

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Automic Gold is solid 14k gold jewelry sustainably made in NYC from reclaimed gold.