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It may strike you as an overused cliche, but there is truth in the timeless sentiment that “diamonds are forever.”  Or at least, they should be. In an age of increasing mechanical reproduction, we find ourselves constantly fielding questions about the merits of natural diamonds vs. those that are lab-made. Here at Automic Gold we also see a lot of misinformation on this topic. As your trusted jeweler, I want to provide some answers about the contentious natural diamond vs. lab-made debate. 



I will employ an easy to understand metaphor to illustrate my point on the topic of pricing. Say someone likes the look of a designer leather bag, but the price is well above their budget. They see a knock-off version of the bag, which looks pretty similar to the real thing and made out of the same quality leather -...

How To Find Your Right Size

Here is an easy guide to finding what your size is for your future rings, bracelets, and anklets.
How to find your ring size:
Make sure to tighten the sizer after your knuckle for a more accurate size.
For the double digits on the ring sizer, here is a break down:
How to find your bracelet size:
Once you measure the size of your wrist, measure it again, but add a finger in place to get the new size. This way, your bracelet won't be too tight or too loose.

Lovely Luna

Ever wondered about the pup that makes an appearance on Automic Gold? Well, her name is Luna and she's the one that runs the show.

Even though she stands a few inches off the ground, don't be fooled by her loud roar of protection. This 15 pound, mini dachshund is ready for anything that comes her way.

At only 2 years old, this NYC based pup likes to lounge in her jammies and snack all day. When she's not in her PJ's she loves to put on a doggy fashion show. Timid at first, but once you get to know her, she's as sweet as can be!

For more adorable photos of Luna, follow @AutomicGold on Instagram!

Queer businesses to throw your money at

Only after starting my own brand, I understood how hard it is to "make it" in the world with huge corporations and even bigger investments. Only after that I stopped (ok, 90% stopped) to shop with classical retail system and I am trying to shop only with independent artists and brands. Because now I know from the inside out how hard they work and how much more they care not just about the bottom line.

Here is queer businesses to throw your money at and I marked with 💜 my personal favorites.


Queer Retailers:

    1. Fredricks and Mae:
    2. 💜 OtherWild:
    3. Radimo:
    4. BLK MKT Vintage:
    5. Passionfruit:
    6. Cult Party:
    7. Babeland:
    8. Blue Stockings:
    9. Housing Works:
    10. Minna Goods:
    11. Bijou Candles:


Queer Clothing:

  1. 💜 Stuzo...

Our Take on State of Diamonds in 2019

Diamond industry have been going through significant changes over the recent years and we want to share out take on the state of things.

Right now, there are two big players in the diamond industry, natural diamonds (ones that are made in Earth's crust) and lab-grown diamonds (grown by humans).

  • De Beers is the corporation that owns the absolute majority of diamond mines in the world and buys off rough diamonds from mines they don't own to control supply/demand chain. They exercise this control by controlling supply of diamonds to the industry, thus keeping diamond prices high.

    It is an artificial manipulation to control the price of diamonds. Had the market been truly open, prices of  natural diamonds would go down -- but was not the case for over 130 years.
  • Lab grown diamonds are relatively new asset in the diamond industry, and it is noble to produce diamonds in sustainable way. What is appalling, however,...

Why we don't take investment money

Here's something we’ve never talked about before.

We (Al and Kiera) has committed from the beginning not to take investments for Automic Gold. We made this commitment consciously so that we will never have to compromise our standards for numbers.

This decision comes grounded in experiences where we saw how investor funds can pressure one into being profitable over being a business that aims for good. 

And yes, it does make things difficult for us. Often we can't afford to hire more people or to be in more locations. We have to wait until we sell our current collection before we have enough funds to make a new one. If we had more investments - we could have already launched so many more things,

But, thanks to your continuous support, we know we will get there soon.

Meanwhile? Hit us up for custom orders and

Re-touching and self image

Cory Wade


"Automic Gold is queer run jewelry built on transparency and honesty.

One photo is retouched. One is raw. When the innovators behind this brand showed me the photos from our collaboration, fear rose up inside of me because I could see that they were intent on putting out photos that revealed acne and dark spots as a means of holding true to their mission statement.

When authenticity is the mission, sometimes showing up raw is the best way to say that its ok to come with imperfections. When people have negative things to say about a person’s physical appearance in it’s realest and rawest, it actually reflects on their own false standards for beauty.

That is why I think brands like Automic Gold should be uplifted. They remind me why I got into this business in the first place. You are all beautiful.. You are...

How to put on the Cuff

Cuff shown in 3 gold colors
person's ear wearing a cuff
1. Start to slide the cuff from the top of your ear to the bottom part till the ends of the cuff is hidden in your ear crease. 
2. Squeeze the cuff with your fingers till its tight.
See video below for demonstration. :)

Why gold jewelry is so expensive?

What are you paying for when you pay for fine jewelry? People ask why fine jewelry is so expensive, yet are willing to shell out thousands for a designer bag, no questions asked. Leather costs a fraction of what fine metals and real diamonds cost, so why do we pay a 12x markup? It comes down to the power of big corporations.
There are almost no big corporations in the jewelry industry, most makers are independent, small- to medium-sized businesses. We don’t put money into advertising campaigns to convince you that a 10x markup is worth it, but as a reward we are trusted less than big brands selling overpriced leather or clothing (industries with generally lower ethical production standards).
No matter how high the high-end fashion, clothing will never hold its value compared to fine gold and diamonds. When you buy Automic Gold, you are investing in a luxury that lasts...

Queer Owned Bussiness

Why is it ok for big corporations to use the gay identity to sell products and get our money (as well as praise for “representation”), but if we say we are a LGBT-owned biz, I should feel guilty and like I am selling my identity? We are getting comments like “why do you need to say you are queer-owned?” and my answer is that I want to have representation of trans/queer people doing shit, not just sitting pretty. So I push away the voices that tell me to stay quiet and keep grinding.