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Queer Dollars

I recently got an email from a marketing agency that was preaching about the effectiveness of marketing to LGBTQ audiences, and how LGBTQ community was a new target audience brands could utilize this season.

That got under my skin. Even I started Automic Gold, I used to see pride stickers show up on facades of shops squarely on June 1st. And every year I had the same question: where were you the other 11 months?

I appreciate that companies are voicing their support for LGBTQ community. It’s a step that makes acceptance a reality and equality a realistic goal.

But I would love big brands to show your support just as visibly and loudly throughout the year.

And If You Have To...

  1. Go beyond heteronormative cisgender couples being happy on beaches in your marketing. Hire queer non-white models. Hire fat queer models and disabled queer models. Hire transgender...

How to style multiple earrings?


Circle Threader Earring                               Automic Gold studs with Connector


Multi-pierced ears are so fun to style. You can stick to one statement look, or switch up the earrings for a myriad of fresh looks. 

Here's my advice and some ideas on how to style the earrings!

Go from big to small, or from long to short.

Start with the biggest or longest earring closer to your face, and go with smaller or shorter earrings as you move up the earlobe. That way you build an elegant graduated look.

And, if you want to bring a bit of punk energy, switch the order in opposite direction - from smallest to largest further away from...

Why does gold have different colors?


As you might know, gold is a yellow metal. So how is it that we have white or rose gold? Simply by adding metals of a different color to gold!

In the same way that you will get a green color when you mix blue into yellow, we can add different metals to a naturally yellow gold and get different colors.

Various manufacturers use different formulas to mix their gold. Below you can see  percentages of metals that we use in Automic Gold jewelry.

14k Yellow Gold - 58.5% gold, 26% copper, 8.5% silver, zinc 7%
14k Rose Gold - 58.5 % gold, 38% copper, 3.5% silver
14k White Gold - 58.5 % gold, 23.5% copper, 5% silver, zinc 6%, nickel 7%

Note for white gold:

Because most metal used in the mix is yellow, such mix will be always a little yellow-ish. The color comes out similar to a "vanilla" color, and that's why 14k...

What karat means in gold jewelry?

First, difference between karat and carat

Karats ("kt" for short) is a measure of the purity of gold. Don't be confused with carats ("ct" short) - a measure of weight of precious stones.

Meaning of a karat

Karat is used as an identifier, and all jewelry made of real gold will have a karat stamp. Although percentage of precious metal present in jewelry can be any number, just a select few standards are commonly used.

The commonly used karats are:

10k or 417- 41.7% of pure gold
14k or 585 - 58.5% of pure gold
18k or 750 - 75% of pure gold
24k or 999 - 100% of pure gold

These karats apply to any color of gold - meaning that 14k yellow and 14k rose gold will have same percentage of gold, 58.5%. And, here's an explanation on why gold can have different colors.

Karat stamp (10k,...

How to clean real gold jewelry, with diamonds or with stones. Easy, at home.

Cleaning plain real gold jewelry is very easy - just use water, soap, cloth or soft brush.

Note of caution: be careful not to drop your valuable piece into the sink! You can put a cloth over drain to prevent anything from falling down the drain.

First - if the piece is extra dirty you can leave it to soak in mix of soap and water overnight. That is essentially like a pre-wash.

If the piece got scratched up with use, use our jewelry pouch (which doubles as a polishing cloth) to polish visible parts of the metal. You can use any other polishing cloth as well. Press hard when you polish. If scratches are serious and still don't go away - take it to a jeweler for a re-polish.

For gold jewelry with diamonds or cubic...

Why we don't do discounts.

"A particularly famous brand of jewelry" gold earrings start at $500 a pair. Our comparable Bar Earrings are $126. Yes, they charge more for that famous name, but it's 4 times more expensive. Should we price our products at $425 and give you a mind-blowing 70% off coupon?

I believe that's wrong. A "fake" discount (that was included in the price) works because our minds are tricky. But in no way it feels honest to me.

That's why I made a decision from the start to not to leave room for a discount in our prices.

Why we don't do sales.

I am selling solid gold. It won't spoil like produce, won't fade after laundry like clothes, and won't devalue like a certain fancy iGadget in September.

Price of gold was $35/ounce just a 100 years ago. In the...

Did I Sell my Soul to the Devil?


It’s Alena, co-creator and metalsmith of Automic Gold.

What I’ve been up to:

Hoop earrings design is ready :)

I chose more expensive solid gold design - thanks to all you who told me to go with it! I need more gold to produce that design. And as you know, we source all gold from re-claimed gold sources ♻️ -so I am waiting on “fresh” delivery. It takes longer & is more expensive, but what the hell, it’s worth it 🌎.

I designed a necklace to match my favorite Threader earrings and am testing it now. I am also working on charms and more necklace ideas ❤️

Automic is EXPANDING!

We are moving to a bigger studio in March! :) I signed the lease last week. With NYC real estate it felt like I sold my soul to the devil. 50 pages of gibberish English language Fingers crossed, I will make it work! :)


How Can I Be More Eco-Friendly In Everyday Life?

Look at the photo below. Those are food containers. I bought one at a home goods store and have been using for several years now. Another one came with most recent food delivery.

Can you tell which is which?

Two plastic containers for food side by side


Doesn’t it feel weird that they are so similar? At that moment, a switch went off in my head. At that moment, it became vividly clear to me that I must be doing my share and beyond in curbing pollution.

Here are some things I’ve learned over the years, trying to lead an environmentally-conscious lifestyle.

Jamie’s personal sustainability action plan.

1. Educate yourself.

This video will make you take CO2 emissions seriously. This one will change your view on plastic.

2. Recycle as...

I am a Metalsmith and Small Business Owner, Can I Handle Both?

It’s Alena, co-founder of Automic Gold.
I want to share what I’ve been up to at this week.
Did you hear about the new tax reform? It’s a LOT to process. Literally - there’s 400 pages of changes, plus markings on page gutters??
I’ve attended a whole workshop on new tax code trying to get a grasp of it. Long story short - we get more money on each paycheck, but there’s less to be deducted. As a result - most people will see much less $$$ on their tax refunds next year, and more folks will pay more taxes in total.
I SNORTED Michelle Visage’s book “The Diva Rules” (she is one of the judges on RuPaul's Drag Race).
Reading the book made me her FAN. Her book follows her through...

Which is Which?: Gold-Plated, Gold-Filled, Hollow and Solid Gold


Graphic - Brass plated with thin layer of gold


Value: Usually the cheapest option. Contains real gold, but very little (about one gram of real gold in one pint of solution can be used to plate thousands of pieces!). Cheaper jewelry will have a very thin plating which wears off fast, but some higher quality brands will have a thicker plating with an additional protective coating to help it last longer.

How to find: Will have no quality mark on the jewelry, but may have company name/logo stamped.


Gold-Plated over Sterling Silver

Graphic - thin layer of gold plated over sterling silver

Value: Still gold plated metal, but with valuable sterling silver. Sterling silver is a sought-after material ($0.57 per gram*) while still being very affordable compared to gold ($43.40...