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Gold-Plated vs Gold-Filled, Hollow vs Solid Gold Difference

It is so confusing when people say “gold jewelry”. It can be solid gold jewelry, hollow gold jewelry, gold filled or gold plated jewelry - and difference in value can be staggering.

The confusion arises because the word “gold” can be used to describe the color of jewelry as well as the material of the piece. It should always be disclosed what are you buying! If you find it hard to find out whether you are paying for gold color or gold material - it’s simply not fair - because there is big difference in cost.

Gold colored jewelry is usually brass or silver which plated with gold color over it. They are on more affordable side. The jewelry made of gold (hollow or solid) are more expensive and the more gold is used the more expensive piece will be.

There are 5 materials that are typically referred to as gold:...

How to find your own style of clothing and accessories

Let’s be real. Visual is a top form of communication used by humans. Whatever you wear, you are using it to tell people about yourself and opinion will be formed about you by your appearance. Even if you “don’t care about fashion”, you do make a statement with your clothes and accessories, because unfortunately, at most places no-clothes outfit is not acceptable :).

Below are my tips on how to find style that is truly yours:

1. Try “fast fashion” first, but stick with more permanent pieces
“Fast fashion” brands (H&M, Forever 21, etc) are great for affordable options that you can play with to experiment with your style. Try on and buy a few different styles you like, to test it out in your everyday life.

(Surprise! The piece you thought looks best on you in a fitting room may not be the piece you will wear the most).

When you...

Why gold jewelry is good for you, your wallet and environment

Hi, Al here, founder and designer and everything-else-small-business-owner-is of Automic Gold.

Let me tell you why buying gold jewelry is a smart move:

  1. Gold is timeless. Quite literally, gold jewelry dug out of archaeological sites will look now as good as it did when it was worn by probably someone like Cleopatra 2500 years ago.

  2. It is safe to wear. No more green or grey lines on your skin from fake jewelry! And, you don't have to worry about going to the pool, sauna or beach - gold withstands the elements.

  3. Gold is a smart investment. Stop buying and throwing away single-use jewelry and with it, your hard earned money. You can wear Automic jewelry for any occasion - that’s what it was...