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Automic Gold

Holiday Gift

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Automic Gold jewelry is made in NYC from environment-friendly reclaimed gold.

It's hard to find the gift for a coworker. But with these earrings, it's anything but.
With dozens of ways to wear this earring, it's right gift for fashion-minded person 🤳.

Circle Earrings

$79 / pair, in size Medium

Teachers deserve all the best things 💖
Treat your boo with a gift of solid 14k gold earrings ❤️

Line Earrings

$55 / pair, in size Medium

Give a gift they will appreciate! ALL Automic jewelry is made of 100% reclaimed gold only ♻️ 🌎

Bar Earrings

$85 / pair

Set the bar high for your mom ✨
This earrings will be anything but boring ✨
Automic Gold earrings will withstand the elements on all your travel adventures ⛰️⛰️⛰️
PSA: Don't forget to treat YOURSELF. Sizes 2 - 16.