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How to find your bracelet,
anklet or choker size.


Tape Measure

Use any tape measure to measure you wrist, neck or foot.

Measuring size of neck for necklaces or chokers using tape measure
Measuring size of wrist or hand for bracelets and bangles using tape measure

Round up

Now, round up the measurement to the next bigger size that is available.

For example: Al's neck measurement is 13 1/4". Round it up, and it comes up to 14" choker.

Even if your measurement is exact to size, go a size up. So for a 8" wrist measurement, choose a 9" bracelet.

For loose necklaces (i.e. not chokers)

For necklaces that are not tight, you can loosely measure your neck using same tape measure to estimate how the length will look on you.