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Bead Chain Ring

Bead Chain Ring Solid 14k Gold


Ring Size (US sizes 2 - 16)


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14k Gold
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Size 1mm chain

From our customers

When I first saw it in store it looked like it would be flimsy, but it's anything but. I was wearing it non stop ever since I bought it, even to the gym and absolutely love it!
Bead Chain Ring comfortably worn on a finger

The comfort

Can you imagine a ring that you don't feel when you wash your face? We did.

Versatile, strong and shiny Automic Gold Bead Chain

The finish

Diamond-cut chain gives that soft glow which just works with everything.

Eco-Friendly Automic Gold Jewelry Gift Box with Star Map

The box

All orders will come with Automic Gold jewelry box that was inspired by our passion for stars and universe ✨ (this is where all gold comes from after all). Jewelry box and all packaging are made of paper and are 100% recyclable  ♻️.