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Labrys Charm
Automic Gold Reclaimed Solid 14k Gold Labrys Charm Automic Gold Reclaimed Solid 14k Gold Labrys Charm Automic Gold Reclaimed Solid 14k Gold Labrys Charm
We never retouch people.
It’s not a campaign. It’s honesty.

Labrys Charm

Solid 14k Gold


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The Deets

 This double axe is called Labrys. From the times of ancient Crete mythology, it was wielded exclusively by goddesses and throughout time was used to symbolize women's strength and self-sufficiency.

In late 20th century, Labrys was a symbol often used by lesbian, bisexual and pansexual women as part of queer liberation movement.

More recently, however, this symbol was taken over by TERFs - Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists. TERFs discredit the existence of transgender individuals and oppose inclusivity in modern day queer communities.

And now, we are here to reclaim it. After all, who is better to do so other than transgender folks? Wear this Labrys with pride and with a resolve to be inclusive and accepting.


Great little addition to your chain, bracelet or hoop earrings.Tested for wearability so you never have to take it off.

16mm in height and 13mm in width
Solid 14k gold (what is karat?)
Gold source
Reclaimed gold certified for 100% recycled content
In house in New York

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