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Most comfortable jewelry you will ever own.
Made in NYC with
100% reclaimed gold
Created for everyday wear
Care free.
No tarnishing

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“Beautiful jewelry should be comfortable and empower the wearer.”

Who We Are

Designer & metalsmith Alena (right) and her wife Jamie (technology & creative)

Automic Gold grew out of nearly a decade of Alena’s experience in jewelry combined with passion for sustainability.

As millennial women we were tired of only having two options: jewelry that was fast-fashion-phony or just too frilly-fancy, that's why we created Automic Gold.

Thank you for supporting our mom & mom shop 🌈

Automic Gold is Made Differently

  • Someone like you will wear and test all jewelry before production. We make sure design is comfortable, durable and fun.

  • We choose only the best designs based on our extensive experience designing, producing and wearing jewelry.
  • We produce jewelry in our NYC studio and it is so precisely executed, you would never guess it’s all handmade.

  • In the world of overproduction and wastefulness, we bring you sustainable jewelry designed and produced to perfection.

Why Gold?

All gold is made in supernova explosions in space and we can’t reproduce it on Earth.
That’s why people value gold like nothing else.

Bonus: when the world will go down, your gold earrings will be the currency 😬

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