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Automic Gold Sustainable Fine Jewelry Worn by a Model

You haven’t worn jewelry like this before.

Genderless, Genderfluid Jewelry That Can Be Worn by Women, Men and anyone In-Between or Outside Gender Spectrum

Radically inclusive.

For all sizes, genders and styles.

Radically ethical.

Only 100% reclaimed gold.
Everything from box to jewelry is sustainable, ethically-produced, and made in the USA.

Recycled Handmade Fine Jewelry Rings Worn in a Combination by a Model
Comfortable Everyday Jewelry Worn by a Model on the Streets of New York

Radically wearable.

Designed for real life, with real gold
that won't tarnish or irritate.

Automic Gold rings worn in a stack

Available in sizes 2 to 16.

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Reclaimed gold hoop and threader chain earrings worn by a model

Threaders, stud earrings and more.

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Stackable choker necklace, bar necklace and infinity necklace worn by a male model

Lines, dots and dashes.

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Automic Gold chain bracelet and a bangle worn in a stack

Bangles, anklets and hand bracelets.

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Fine Jewelry Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings Sustainably Made From Reclaimed Material Worn by a Model

Pure gold.

Everything, from our models to our business model, is authentic and transparent.
We don’t hide behind fake discounts or photoshopped faces.

Who we are

Visit us in SoHo!

Try on the whole collection IRL.
Artists & Fleas,
568 Broadway at Prince, NYC
Jeweller's bench at the Automic Gold New York City jewelry studio


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