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Custom Jewelry Orders and Unique Jewelry Designs

Your Idea, Now a Reality.

Automic Gold works with solid gold, platinum and silver. We can provide diamonds or any gemstones for your jewelry and prefer to work with our stones.

Custom projects take 3-8 weeks to make after full payment is received, depending on its difficulty.
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Past Custom Orders

A pendant of a unicorn in a running position with a flowing mane made from solid 14k yellow gold on a gold chain

Unicorn Pendant

14k yellow gold • 20mm

Two Solid gold rings with sun detailing on the sides and moissanite center stones are stacked on a blue cloth

Moissanite Sun Ring Set

14k yellow gold • 4.5mm round moissanites • sizes 4.5 & 5.5

$950 each
A pendant of a panda bear face on a slipper made from solid 14k gold on a yellow gold chain

Panda Slipper Pendant

14k yellow gold • 10mm

A solid 14k gold ring with a long hexagon shaped emerald center stone and a baguette emerald on each side

Elongated Hexagon & Baguette Lab Emerald Engagement Ring

14k yellow gold • 17x4mm hexagon lab emerald, 8x4mm baguette lab emeralds • size 5

An engagement ring with a pear salt and pepper diamond center stone and two side stones atop a v-shaped diamond wedding band

Pear Diamond Engagement Ring Set

Engagement Ring: 14k yellow gold • 1.01ct pear diamond & 0.26ct pear white diamonds • size 6
Wedding Band: 14k yellow gold • 0.44ctw marquise, baguette, and round diamonds • size 6

$3,800 and $1,500
A model holding two 18k yellow gold wedding bands made to look like twisting interlocking tree branches

Winding Branches Engagement Ring Set

18k yellow gold • size 9.5 & 10.25

$1,750 each
A 14k yellow gold pendant of a witch with a witches hat on a dark blue background

Witch Pendant

14k yellow gold • 16mm

A solid 14k rose gold Ottoman Empire coin signet ring on a model

Ottoman Coin Ring

14k rose gold • size 4.5

Two highly detailed otters flank a hexagon shaped alexandrite center stone in a 950 platinum wedding band

Alexandrite Otters Ring

950 platinum • 0.50ct hexagon lab alexandrite • size 10.75

A 14k rose gold ring with a large round diamond and clusters of pink sapphires on the top and bottom of the center stone

Cluster Ring

14k rose gold • 1.50ct round diamond • round pink sapphires • size 3.5

An art-deco style wedding and engagement ring set with a large emerald center stone on the engagement ring

Emerald and Diamonds Engagement Ring Set

Engagement Ring: 14k yellow gold • 2.22ct emerald • 2.5mm round diamonds • size 7.5
Wedding Band: 14k yellow gold • 2x4mm marquise round diamonds • 2mm emeralds • size 7.5 • size 7.5

$4,500 and $1,850
An oval salt and pepper diamond in a prong setting designed to look like a begonia leaf on a solid 14k gold engagement ring

Begonia Leaf Salt-and-pepper Diamond Ring

14k yellow gold • 1.37ct oval salt-and-pepper diamond • size 4.25

A 14k rose gold engagement ring with leaf detailing flanking a rose-cut round salt and pepper diamond

Salt-and-pepper Diamond & Leaves Ring

14k rose gold • 1.11ct round salt-and-pepper diamond • size 7

Two hammered champagne gold wedding bands one with blue and green sapphires and one with yellow and purple sapphires

Sapphire Hammered Band Set

14k champagne gold • round & oval sapphires • sizes 9 & 6.5

$850 each
a 950 platinum wedding band with a highly detailed basket weave design on a blue cloth background

Basket Weave Ring

950 platinum • 6mm wide • size 12.5

A 14k white gold pendant of a bumble bee with a smiley face on a blue cloth background

Bumblebee Pendant

14k white gold

Two 14k gold ruby rings with leaf details, one with a thin band and prong setting, one with a thicker band and bezel setting

Engraved Leaves Ruby Ring Set

14k yellow gold • 5mm round ruby • size 5 & size 6

$1,600 & $1,800
A round alexandrite center stone with a crescent moon, stars, green diamonds, and celtic knot details on a 950 platinum ring

Stars & Moon Alexandrite Ring

950 platinum • round 7mm lab alexandrite • green round diamonds • size 9

A pair of 14k yellow gold gauges with honeycomb detailing on a blue cloth background

Honeycomb Gauges

14k yellow gold 12.7mm wide, ½” thick

A kite shaped dark salt and pepper diamond engagement ring stacked with two wedding bands with diamond accents

Engagement and Wedding 3-Rings Set

14k yellow gold • kite salt-and-pepper diamond, round white diamonds • size 7.25

Two hammered yellow gold wedding bands one with a princess cut emerald stone and the other with several round emeralds

Emerald Hammered Rings Set

14k yellow gold • princess-cut 4mm emerald, round emeralds • sizes 7 & 8

Two rings with alexandrite center stones and moissanite side stones stacked with matching leaf and moissanite bands

Alexandrite & Moissanite Matching Ring Set

14k rose gold • lab alexandrites, moissanites • size 7 & 10.5

$2,700 per set
A round green tourmaline and pear diamond 3 stone engagement ring stacked with a wedding band with different shaped diamonds

Tourmaline & Diamonds Engagement Set

14k white gold • 0.80ct tourmaline; pear, baguette, & round diamonds • size 6.25

A solid gold ring with multiple round gemstones in various colors stacked with a perfectly matched band

Rainbow Cluster Ring

14k champagne gold • rubies, emeralds, sapphires • size 9.75

Matching salt and pepper diamond engagement rings, one with black trillion diamond side stones, one with diamonds on the band

Hexagon Diamonds Matching Engagement Rings

14k rose gold • 1.21ct salt-and-pepper diamonds, round pave diamonds, trillion diamonds • sizes 5 & 6

$3,800 each
Two solid gold open bangles each with a pear diamond on one side and round sapphires on the other

Open Bangles

14k yellow & white gold • pear diamonds, round sapphires

$2,500 each
A solid gold ring with braided detailing and round diamonds in the centers of the braid along the band

Diamond Braided Band

14k yellow gold • rose-cut round diamonds • size 4.5

A cushion cut diamond flanked by yellow, white, and rose gold leaves on a 14k yellow gold band

Multicolor Gold Leaves Ring

14k yellow, white, & rose gold • 0.83ct cushion-cut diamond • size 7.25

A thick rose gold band stacked with a marquise salt and pepper ring with round diamonds along the band

Marquise Salt-and-Pepper Diamond Ring

14k rose gold • 1.55ct marquise salt-and-pepper diamond, round diamonds • size 9.5

A 925 sterling silver cuff bracelet in the shape of a skeletal hand as though it is gripping your wrist

Gripping Hand Bracelet

925 oxidized sterling silver • 6-7”

A white gold engagement ring with a hexagon salt and pepper diamond center stone and two marquise diamonds on each side

Hexagon Diamond Ring

14k white gold • 1.4ct salt-and-pepper diamond, marquise diamonds • size 5

An engagement ring with a kite salt and pepper diamond over a row or purple sapphires stacked with a matching solid gold band

Kite Diamond & Purple Sapphires Ring Set

14k rose gold • 1.14ct kite diamond, sapphires • size 11

A champagne gold engagement ring with a round salt and pepper diamond center stone and diamonds in different geometric shapes

Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

14k champagne gold • 1.5ct salt-and-pepper diamond; 0.38ctw round, emerald, & carre cut diamonds • size 8.75

A 950 platinum floral filigree vintage style ring with a round diamond center stone

Vintage Floral Diamond Ring

950 platinum • 0.55ct round diamond • size 8

A 14k white gold ring designed to look like interwoven branches with leaves and small round diamonds

Diamond Leaves Band

14k white gold • round diamonds • size 4.5

A white enamel band ring with the name Mia held above a black enamel band ring with the name Morte and a bezel set ruby

Enamel Name Rings

14K yellow gold • rubies, enamel • sizes 5.5 & 9

$1,600 each
A white gold name plate in Elvish script embellished with diamonds on a gold Butch Chain

Elvish Nameplate

14k white gold • diamonds • 18” rounded paperclip chain

A 14k white gold ring with leaves and round diamonds flanking a pear shaped salt and pepper diamond

Dark Forest Engagement Ring

14k white gold • 0.91ct pear salt-and-pepper diamond, round diamonds • size 6

A 14k solid yellow gold ring with claw prongs in the shape of a hand gripping a raw diamond

Hand Gripping Raw Diamond Ring

14k yellow gold • 1.87ct raw diamond • size 4.5

A 14k gold hollow cross pendant with a solid gold Rope Chain in a model's hand

Engraved Cremation-holding Cross Pendant

14k yellow gold • 1.5” tall

A round pink sapphire on a solid 14k gold band with engraved leaf detailing

Pink Sapphire Floral Ring

14k yellow gold • 2.02ct oval sapphire • size 6.25

A round diamond centerstone flanked by two solid gold roses with black diamonds in the centers on a solid 14k gold ring

Diamond & Roses Ring

14k champagne gold • 1.01ct round diamond, round diamonds • size 6

A platinum ring with a cluster of clear and colorful diamond and sapphires in different geometric shapes

Sapphires & Diamonds Cluster Ring

950 platinum • 1.9ctw pear, moon, trillion & round diamonds, 2.2ctw emerald-cut & round sapphires • size 7.5

An engagement ring with winding branches and leaf details leading to a peridot side stone and lab diamond round center stone[ ALT TEXT ]

Lab Diamond & Peridots Engagement Ring

14k yellow gold • 1.65ct round lab diamond & peridots • size 8

(fun fact: the first trans legislator of montana proposed to her girlfriend with this ring!)
A solid gold band with triforce detailing all around the band and three triangle diamonds on top

Triforce-inspired Diamond Ring

14k yellow gold • 3 trillion diamonds • size 9.5

A pair of solid gold open circle stud earrings with a halo of round emeralds on the outside of the circle

Emerald Hoop Earrings

14k yellow gold • 0.72ctw round emeralds

$1,400 pair
A model holding a solid 14k yellow gold round diamond tennis bracelet

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

14k yellow gold • 1.50ctw 2mm round diamonds • 6.5”

A 14k white gold band ring made to look like the skyline of New Orleans

New Orleans Ring

14k white gold • round diamonds • size 14

A large oval diamond center stone is flanked by two pear diamonds on a solid 14k gold ring

Oval & Pear Diamond Ring

14k yellow gold • 1.5ct d/vs1 oval diamond, 0.5ct pear diamonds • size 6

A shiny 14k yellow gold skateboard pendant with wheels on a blue cloth background

Skateboard Pendant

14k yellow gold

A 14 karat white gold band ring with three rows of sapphires in the trans flag colors of blue, white and pink

Trans Pride Ring

14k white gold • round diamonds & sapphires • size 7

A 14k rose gold ring with a round salt and pepper diamond center stone in a prong setting shaped to resemble a tulip flower

Salt-and-pepper Diamond Tulip Ring

14k rose gold 0.95ct brilliant-cut round salt-and-pepper diamond • size 5.75

A round green sapphire center stone with double claw prongs on a vintage style solid gold band

Vintage Green Sapphire Ring

14k rose gold • 1.70ct sapphire • size 6

A 925 silver pendant of a chicken skull with a silver chain on a blue cloth background

Chicken Skull Necklace

925 oxidized sterling silver

A mixed metal pendant in the shape of a beetroot with round diamond and rubies

Beetroot Pendant

14k yellow gold • 950 platinum • round rubies • round diamonds • 1” tall

A round gold pendant with the Pisces constellation depicted in diamonds, two detailed fish underneath, and a diamond border

Pisces Constellation Pendant

customer’s gold & customer’s round diamonds

A round pendant with a gold rose, two marquise diamonds as the leaves on the flower stem, and small round diamonds for stars

Stars and Roses Necklaces

14k yellow gold, customer's round & marquise diamonds

$1,500 each
A sterling silver body chain made to look like a spider

Spider w/ Pearl & Web Body Chain

925 sterling silver • pearl

A round 18k gold ring depicting the sun with a textured center and detailed sun rays

Golden Sun Ring

18k yellow gold • size 7

A yellow gold ring a round emerald stone half-surrounded by alternating baguette and round diamonds to form a crown

Crown Ring

14k yellow gold • 5mm round emerald • 0.7ctw round & baguette diamonds • size 7.25

A 14k gold pendant of a hand holding a scepter with a round diamond center and filigree detailing

Hand Holding Diamond Pendant

14k yellow gold • 0.87ct round diamond • 26mm tall

A bezel set round diamond on a 14 karat champagne gold band with floral thistle embossing

Thistles and Foliage Ring

14k champagne gold • 0.50ct rose-cut round diamond • size 6.5

Sneakers Pendants

Sneakers Pendants

14k yellow gold

$750 each
Two gold lobsters holding hands with one claw and held up by a Butch Chain with their other claw

Lobsters Necklace

14k yellow gold • 1.5” wide • 18" butch chain

Two solid gold bands with piano key detailing all around the rings

Piano Keys Rings

14k yellow gold & white gold • size 5.5 & 8.5

$950 each
A solid 14k yellow gold nameplate in Korean Hangul script on a Cable Chain

Korean Hangul Nameplate

14k yellow gold • 30mm wide • 18” cable chain

A solid 14k yellow gold nameplate in Chinese script on a Curb Chain

Chinese Nameplate

14k yellow gold • 20” curb chain

A 14 karat white gold ying yang ring with an amethyst center stone, textured detailing, and black enamel

Textured Yin Yang Ring

14k white gold • round amethyst • size 5

A 14 karat yellow gold smiley face signet ring with round diamonds for the eyes

Diamond Smiley Face Pinky Ring

14k yellow gold • 0.50ct diamonds • size 6

A model's ear wearing a large solid gold hoop earring with two round opals a diamond soldered on the inside of the hoop

Soldered Opal & Diamonds Earrings

14k yellow gold • 3mm round opals, 0.42ct round diamond

$1200 pair
Two 14k white gold rings with the yin and yang symbols and black and white center stones

Yin & Yang Rings Set

14k white gold • 0.70ct brilliant diamond, 0.7ct black rose-cut diamond

A white gold ring with a rainbow moonstone centerstone with crescent moon detailing and round diamonds along the band

Moonstone with Moon Ring

14k white gold • 6.5mm faceted moonstone, 0.4ct diamonds • size 6

A platinum ring with a marquise diamond center stone surrounded by colorful gemstones in different geometric shapes

Platinum Gemstones Cluster Ring

950 platinum • 1ct h/vvs marquise diamond, trillion peridot, trillion citrine, cushion sapphire, cushion garnet, pear amethyst • size 6.5

A cluster ring with a bezel set sapphire and diamond, prong set rainbow moonstone, and an engraved rose on a white gold band

Moonstone, Sapphire, Diamond and Engraved Rose Ring

14k white gold • 5mm cabochon moonstone, 4mm sapphire, 3mm diamond

Five Baguette moss agate gemstones on 14k yellow gold filigree band

Moss Agate Ring

14k yellow gold • baguette cut moss agates • size 7.5

An oval green Tsavorite center stone with a halo of diamonds and milgrain detailing on a platinum ring

Diamond Halo & Tsavorite Ring

950 platinum • oval tsavorite, 0.44ctw round & pear diamonds • 4.25

Two rose gold skull stud earrings with screw back backings

Skull Earrings

14k rose gold • screw back

$350 pair

All custom orders are final sale.

Prices shown here are examples of prices for past orders. Price quotes will change due to fluctuations in the market of gold and precious stones.

Custom orders typically take 3-8 weeks depending on difficulty. Full payment required to start production. (We accept all credit cards, Paypal, Affirm and Afterpay).

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Prices shown here are examples of prices for past orders.

The cost of your piece may change with trends in the metal, gemstone, and labor markets.

Custom orders typically take 3-8 weeks to complete depending on complexity. Full payment is needed to start production. We accept all credit and debit cards, PayPal, Shop Pay, Affirm, Afterpay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay!

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