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Custom Jewelry Orders and Unique Jewelry Designs

Your dreams, now a reality.

Al, creator of Automic Gold is here to turn solid gold into whatever your dreams may hold.

Let's make a custom order together!

Past Custom Orders

Natural reclaimed diamond set into 14k yellow reclaimed gold necklace

Diamond Necklace

Natural reclaimed diamond set into 14k yellow gold necklace. The diamond is 0.90ct, VS2 clarity and J-K color grade.

Sustainably made 18k Yellow Gold Studs with custom flower jackets.

18k Diamond Studs

We have re-used customer's diamonds and set them into 18k yellow gold studs with custom-made flower jackets that can be taken on and off.

Queer Gay LBGTQ Necklace made of 14k yellow gold

Queer Necklace

To be worn proudly and unapologetically, because we're queer we're here, and we're not going anywhere.

Sustainably made 14K gold gavel charm with 'e pluribus unum' engraved

Gavel Charm

This solid gold gavel charm is engraved with "E Pluribus Unum" around it's circumference. Sourced, designed and cast in NYC.

Solid yellow gold crown

Crown Charm

This middle-ages era crown is engraved with "You should see me in a crown" on the inside surface. Show them who's the bad guy.

14K gold dollar sign $ charm

Dollar Sign Charm

What a better way to say "Money" then with a dollar sign charm in solid gold

14K gold tattoo machine gun charm

Tattoo Machine Charm

As sharp as the real one, this little charm is a realistic replica of a tattoo gun in solid 14k gold.

Sustainably sourced and made solid 14k gold bell charm was made in NYC from start to finish

Bell Charm

Modelled after Philadelphia's Liberty Bell, this charm is solid 14k yellow gold; the clapper inside ends with a diamond.

P.S.: yes, the bell actually works

14K gold Louboutin heel charm engraved with 'feminine power' in japanese.

Louboutin Heel Charm

A classic Louboutin pointed toe heel in solid 14k gold. 女力 ("Feminine Power" in Japanese) is engraved in a place of a classic red sole.

14K Rose gold star of David 10mm pendent

Star of David

14k rose gold Star of David charm on our Essential Chain

White topaz set in 14k yellow gold on a ring

White Topaz Ring

White topaz bezel-set in our 2mm band ring. Topaz is 4mm, band is solid 14k yellow gold.

14K Yellow Gold CEO Choker

CEO Choker

Choker Executive Officer, solid 14k gold on our bead chain. Show them who's boss.

Open band ring

Open Band

2 mm open band ring in 14k white gold with a lovely engraved message inside. Comfortable for everyday wear.

Diamond hanging from a 14k white gold bead chain to thread through piercings

Diamond Threader

0.20ct diamond bezel set in 14k white gold with our innovative threader earring design.

Diamonds and opal set in a 14k rose gold band in a shape of a constellation

Cluster Ring

Diamonds and opals playfully set in rose gold for this special ring. The constellation of gemstones includes 0.50 carats of diamonds and 0.14 carats of opals.

Letter earring that spells 'come again' to signal people in which ear of the wearer to speak into

Come Again Earring

Stud earring on one end with a cuff on the other. This earring was created for the person with the hearing loss in one ear, so she can wear it and people know in which ear they should speak to.

Minimalist 14k yellow gold ring with 3mm ruby stone

Ruby Ring

Exactly the same ring as our Diamond Ring, but with 3mm Ruby stone instead. Same comfortable, everyday fit.

An ngagement ring with a 0.90ct natural reclaimed sapphire and a 0.45ct natural reclaimed emerald cut diamonds set in 14k white gold

Sapphire Diamond Ring

This handsome engagement ring has natural reclaimed 0.90ct sapphire and 0.45ct emerald cut diamonds and is set in 14k white gold.

14k white gold choker-length lariat necklace with an open circle ring at the open end

Custom Lariat Necklace

A subtle twist on our Lariat necklace. It is shorter, so it sits like a choker and ends with open circle matching our Open Circle Necklace.

14k Yellow Gold, 0.25ct natural reclaimed diamond, 18 inch necklace with milgrain bezel

Diamond Necklace

14k Yellow Gold, 0.25ct natural reclaimed diamond, 18" necklace with milgrain bezel.

Sparkly 0.55 natural reclaimed marquise is horizontally bezel-set in 14k gold band

Marquise Engagement

This sparkly 0.55 natural reclaimed marquise is bezel set horizontally in 14k gold band. What a striking ring to propose with.

Rose gold 24 inch bead chain necklace with a pendant engraved with the customer's fingerprint

Fingerprint Medallion Necklace

We made a custom disk pendant and engraved it with the customer's fingerprint. It is on a 24" Bead Chain, in 14k white gold.

Bracelet with the initials K W B engraved onto the plate

Engraved Plate Bracelet

We made this bracelet by customer specifications and engraved it with custom initials.

Ornate rose and yellow gold matching engagement rings with ruby and sapphire stones.

Ruby and Sapphire Engagement Rings

We loved working on these custom engagement rings. We turned our customers leaf drawing into a 3d design!

White gold 18 gauge 38mm barbell piercing with screw off balls at the ends.

Industrial Barbell

14k white gold, 18 gauge 38mm, with screw-off balls.

Cute rubie charms hanging on medium hoops in 14k yellow gold.

Ruby Charms

We re-used the customer's gorgeous rubies and made these cute charms in 14k yellow gold.

1/4ct Diamond Band in Yellow Gold with 19 Diamonds

1/4ct Diamond Band

Nineteen diamonds set into this 2mm comfort fit band.

Engagement Ring Re-design, we added two 0.50ctw trillion diamonds on the sides of the orginal diamond

Engagement Ring Re-design

We added two 0.50ctw trillion diamonds and redesigned the ring. Two original small diamonds are reused and set inside the band

Three Dimensional Bee Screwback Studs in Solid 14k Gold

Bee Screwback Studs

Little pollinator cuties designed in 3d and printed in solid 14k yellow gold.

Single Suspender Earring in Solid Rose Gold

Suspender Earring

Made to fit the ear and hug the earlobe.

Recycled Diamond Drop in Solid Yellow Gold

Diamond Drop

We reused customer's diamond and made this shiny little dangle!

Re-Purposed Milgrain Bezel Diamond and Tanzanite Necklaces in Solid White Gold

Milgrain Bezel Diamond and Tanzanite Necklaces

We re-purposed customer's diamond and tanzanite and made these stunning necklaces in 14k white gold.

Pearl Threader Earring in Solid Yellow Gold

Pearl Threader Earring

A shorter version of our Circle Threader and with freshwater pearl.

14k Gold 6mm Wedding Band with Engraving of lets grow together

14k Gold 6mm Wedding Band with Engraving

Thick and timeless, this beautiful wedding band is made for comfort fit, and is engraved with a message of love.

14k Yellow Gold Pearl Ring and Necklace pair

14k Yellow Gold Pearl Ring and Necklace

A super cute idea from our customer -- to add one more pearl every year the couple is together, and a ring to match.

14k Yellow Gold Tiny Heart Earrings

14k Tiny Heart Earrings

A pair of cuties for everyday wear.

Solid White Gold Open Beads Ring

Open Beads Ring

A comfy everyday fella in solid gold.

Solid Rose Gold Skull Studs

Skull Studs

Working from the client's design inspiration, skulls were drawn digitally and then hand-carved in 14k solid gold.

Solid 14k gold skull earrings

S+R Necklace

This custom engraved design is slightly larger than our Disk Necklace.

Solid 14k gold skull earrings

Crescent Moon

The shape was carefully chosen to always be comfortable to wear (no poking or snatching), yet dramatic in appearance.

Rose Gold Wedding Bands Rings

Wedding Bands

These two wedding bands are made in solid 14k rose gold, and are engraved on the inside with a special message.

We were immensely proud to be trusted with something so personal and special, and were honored to create a lasting shared piece for these amazing clients.

Custom-order rose-cut labradorite pendant on a chain

Huggie Earring with "585" engraving

This hoop earring is made in 14k rose gold.

Custom made initial letter chain necklace

C-A-T Necklace

Three letters - C, A, T - are spaced evenly on the front of this chain necklace.

Photo: Catherine Chiang

14k gold peace sign engraved in our disk charm..

Piece Sign Necklace

Subtle piece sign made from texturing of metal, on the back of our Disk Charm, in 14k yellow gold.

Natural Reclaimed Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Studs

Reclaimed natural diamonds were used to make these beauties. Post and backings are made from reclaimed solid gold, just like the rest of the Automic Gold collection.

Diamond studs are a minimal design that has proven to be timeless and versatile.

Milgrain detail bezel on a reclaimed diamond gold necklace

Milgrain Detail Diamond Necklace

Bezel of this diamond necklace is detailed using Milgrain technique. This method (derived from the French 'mille-grain' or 'a thousand grains') made the bezel highly reflective.

Diamond used is a reclaimed natural diamond, the same as in our Diamond necklaces.

Custom Order of Open Circle Threader Earring

Open Circle Threader

Our Open Circle earring and a Circle Threader combined. Result is a really awesome earring, which on this photo is worn with Tall Line earring in the same piercing.

Note: Open Circle is slightly smaller on this custom piece compared to our regular Open Circle earring.

Custom-order rose-cut labradorite pendant on a chain

Rose-cut labradorite pendant in rose gold

Al made a nature-inspired 18k Rose Gold setting for this stunning one-of-a-kind rose-cut labradorite. Pendant has 4 bails on the back, so it can be worn in any direction to showcase different hues of the gemstone or it can be work as a slider, as shown here.

Custom-order letter 'b' earring

Gothic Letter B Earring

This beauty was custom-made from the sketch a customer provided:

The earring is made of 14k Solid Yellow Gold, and is has a screwback backing.


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