Free Fast Shipping + Free Returns
Automic Gold earrings laid out on top of a rainbow-colored paper

Guidelines & FAQ

Free Try-On

Also called free shipping and returns.

We stand behind the quality of our products and we are sure that you will love it ❤️. And if not, we will cover the shipping back and forth ✈️.

All Automic purchases come with free shipping and free returns. Prepaid shipping label is included with the purchase, and in the case of a return the cost of shipping is not deducted - you receive a full refund, as in 100% of what you paid.

So, you get your shiny new purchase shipped to you for free; try on and choose the styles you like; return whatever did not work at no cost to you! 🎵


Most of the orders are prepared and shipped in one (1) business day 💨. Reach out to us at if you need your order to go out faster!

All orders are shipped via USPS with 2-5 day delivery, unless you opt-in for fancy FedEx Overnight Shipping, which is $30.


All orders come with a prepaid shipping label (it's absolutely free to use!). If you lost yours, email us at and we'll resend it 😊.

You have 30 days from delivery date to start the return.


All Automic products come with a six month warranty 🔑. It starts from when you receive your purchase and covers manufacturing defects. (due to relativistic effects on time, warranty does not apply if you travel extensively at sub-light speeds or in velocity of high-mass stars 🚀). Loss, theft or wear and tear are not covered.

Reach out to us at to initiate repair process ✌.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use prepaid return shipping label?

Return shipping label will come printed on self-adhesive paper. Just peel it off and stick it on the packaging. You can re-use all original packaging and save 🌳 the Earth.

Include order receipt inside 📰, or full name on the order. Or just write down order number on a note. Or, write the order number in a form of a riddle - we like puzzles - in that case your return might take extra time 😉.

After that, you can give package to your mailwoman 👩 or drop it off at any mailbox (Just not your neighbor's mailbox probably) (Unless your neighbor is a mailwoman?).

If the purchase is highly valuable, please go to USPS location and make sure the package is scanned.

How is my order packaged?

Outside, your order is securely packaged in nondescript packaging (no gift will be spoiled 😃!).

Inside, your jewelry will come in a gift box perfect for gifting 🎁. It's also perfect for storage of your new jewelry (or even sewing supplies).

Where do you ship from?

From our office in NY. Our shipping department is the big table that has many printers on it.

If I am in New York, can I come to your office and pick up my purchase instead?

Our office in New York is not equipped to accept customers (that's fancy speak for it's stuffed to the ceiling with boxes and shipping supplies 📦). So, you will have to have your purchase shipped. There is some good news though - if you are in New York, your purchase will arrive even faster!

Do I need to sign for the delivery?

For orders above $200, we require signature confirmation, it is a necessary precaution. Because your purchase is valuable, we want to make sure it does not end up in someone else's hands.

Do you ship internationally?

Not at the moment.

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