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We are the only fine jewelry brand to stock rings in sizes 2-16.

It's something that we couldn't believe ourselves.

It's not a plus-size campaign

Being size inclusive is something that should be a given.

Humans come in all sizes and shapes - so should jewelry. That is why from the start we decided to make all our jewelry in a wide range of sizes. We do not expect a cookie for this. For us, it's common sense and an everyday priority.

The fine jewelry industry keeps itself constrained to a narrow range of sizes, and to this day we are still the only fine jewelry brand to offer rings in sizes 2 to 16 - way above the size ratio of other jewelry brands.


Sizes of rings

Including half and quarter sizes, you can purchase any Automic Gold ring in fifty-seven sizes from a size 2 to a size 16.

Let's get real

It should be the norm

We are a small business; we don't have a team that works on market research or an advertising agency that tells us what to do or what to say.

And thus, being the only size-inclusive fine jewelry brand is honestly not something we expected Automic Gold to be when we launched. Here's a fun insight: Al went online one evening in the summer of 2018 to see what other size-inclusive fine jewelry companies we could collaborate with.

And they found none. In disbelief, we all searched far and wide and still failed to find anyone who matched our size range!

Enough is enough

Frustrated, we took to our Instagram to share it with our audience and it's then we realized that we were onto something. Fast forward years after our discovery, we are still the only fine jewelry brand to be that size-inclusive. It's not patting us on the head, it's throwing shade at an industry that does not want to catch up.

All jewelry in all sizes

Necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings - every piece of Automic Gold jewelry comes in a wide range of sizes.

And if you can't find your size? We will gladly make you a custom piece that fits you perfectly (and does not cost a fortune).