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The Only Fine Jewelry Brand To Stock Rings In Sizes 2 To 16.

It’s a fact, and it’s something that we could not believe ourselves to see.

It’s Not A Plus Size Campaign

We come in all sizes and shapes, and so should jewelry. That’s why we’ve made all of our pieces in a wide range from our very first sale. We didn’t expect to be the only fine jewelry brand taking such basic accessibility seriously when we launched, yet we’re still taking the lead to this day (and we’re frankly pissed about it).

A model's hand touching their arm wearing various Automic Gold 14k solid gold bracelets and rings

57 Ring Sizes

Including half and quarter sizes!

We Shouldn’t Be Alone

We’re not asking for a prize, we’re demanding that the rest of the jewelry industry catches up. Our competitors cling to narrow assumptions of how big people “should” be, despite having ample means and demand for more inclusive product lines. If a team of less than 15 people can pull it off effortlessly, why can’t bigger brands? Why won’t they?

Four hands of four different model's holding each others wrists upwards in a criss cross pattern all wearing solid gold rings

All Jewelry In All Sizes.

Necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings—every Automic Gold jewelry piece comes in a vast range of sizes. Still can’t find yours? We’ll gladly custom-make you a perfect fit (that won’t make your wallet cry).

A model with both hands gently touching around their eyes wearing yellow gold rings, earrings, and a septum ring A model's with purple nails wearing a Miami Ring, a Curvy Bee Ring, and a Butterfly ring all in yellow gold