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A solid 14k yellow gold Open Heart Charm on an Essential chain resting on a blue cloth background

Jewelry Care

  • Metal Only Care
  • Metal With Gem Care
  • Gemstone Setting Care

We make our jewelry with solid 14k gold and 950 platinum. These metals aren’t afraid of water or chemicals, so you can wear them every day!

Cleaning your solid gold or platinum jewelry is super simple. Using a soft brush or cloth, gently scrub your jewelry with mild soap and water. For tough messes, soak it overnight in a cup of soapy water.

If the metal is scratched, wipe the visible parts of the metal with our polishing cloth while applying pressure. If scratches are serious and don’t budge, we’ll happily re-polish your piece for you—just let our care team know!

1. Soap

2. Warm water

3. Leave it in overnight

4. Close the drain

5. Use soft brush

6. Wet a clean cloth

7. Wipe 'til ✨✨✨

Extra tip!

If backings become loose, squeeze them between fingers to tighten.