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About Automic Gold

Fine jewelry
For everyone

Forging our own path

  • α

    We don't photoshop models.

    Hell yeah to positive, honest body images.

  • β

    Representation matters.

    We hire size-inclusive, non-cis and non-white models all year round, not just for awareness months.

  • γ

    Reclaimed & Recyclable

    All pieces are made from reclaimed gold, and arrive in a packaging that is recyclable.

  • δ


    We have never taken money from investors, so we never have to compromise our values for numbers.

Automic Gold Model Wearing Automic Gold Jewelry

We don't do discounts

Because we won’t overcharge you in the first place.

A-particularly-famous-jewelry-brand’s gold earrings start at $500 a pair. Our comparable Bar Earrings are $126.

We could charge more then offer you a fake "discount", but that’s not who we are. Our prices are fair and accessible every day of the year.

No fake prices. Read more.

Automic Gold Threader Earrings
Automic Gold Model Wearing Automic Gold Jewelry

For all genders

Size-inclusive and diverse

Brought to you by millennials, of course.

It's not that we're out to ruin industries, we just have higher standards.

Meet the team

We are Automic Gold.

Automic Gold team member Luna
Big boss & security
Automic Gold team member Al
Al Sandimirova
Automic Gold team member Autumn
Autumn Speller
Operations director
Automic Gold team member Sharena
Sharena Chindavong
Fashion and visuals director
Automic Gold team member Parker
Alexus Parker
Creative director
Automic Gold team member Jany
Jany Iskra
Production manager
Automic Gold team member Phoebe
Phoebe Quizon
Head jeweller