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Let's start a revolution


We are loud, We are queer, We are here to change things.

This is Alena:

Alena, founder of gay jewelry company Automic Gold

Ten years in the fine jewelry industry, 3 jewelry schools graduated, Alena was yet to find jewelry to fall in love with.

And this is Jamie:

Jamie, co-founder of gay jewelry company Automic Gold

After a decade of work in technology, she wanted to work at a place that was outspoken and forward thinking.

( These two are married )
One day they decided to make dreams a reality and started a company from whatever savings they had.

Automic Gold
was born.

The goal is to make fine jewelry inclusive & accessible.

That means genderless, size-inclusive & diverse. A self-conscious business that is built on transparency and honesty.

Fine jewelry simple and comforting, like visiting your favorite coffee place.

It’s a fine jewelry revolution, brought to you by millenials.

A power couple

Automic Gold is run by Alena and Jamie daily. Combined they have the perfect experience to make awesome things happen.

Alena and Jamie, founders of queer jewelry brand Automic Gold

A metalsmith, jewelry designer, Tory Burch Foundation graduate and Gemological Institute of America graduate.

Alena is the metalsmith and designer behind Automic Gold jewelry. She also manages the financials and business decisions.

Alena is genderqueer and goes by she/them pronouns.

Alena also has personal instagram: @ungendered_mashed_potato


Jamie is a graphic designer, software engineer, she volunteered as a Girls Who Code teacher and has a degree in Space Misson Design and Operations.

She built our website, our visual voice and designs our pop up shop experiences. She also runs our Instagram.

Jamie is a transgender woman (representation matters) and goes by she/her pronouns.

Just like Alena, she is unapologetically queer and is proud of it.

We forge our own path

  • 1

    We don't photoshop models.

    Hell yeah to positive, honest body images.

  • 2

    Representation matters.

    We hire size-inclusive, non-cis and non-white models all year round, not just on awareness months.

  • 3


    All of it, from jewelry to shipping box.

We also don't do $ales.

A-particularly-famous-jewelry-brand’s gold earrings start at $500 a pair. Our comparable Bar Earrings are $85. Yes, they charge more for that famous name, but it's 83% more expensive. Should we price our products at $425 and give you a mind-blowing 80% off coupon?

I believe that's wrong. A "fake" discount (that was included in the price) works because our minds are tricky. But in no way it feels honest to me.

That's why I made a decision from the start to not to leave room for a discount in our prices.

That’s why we don't do sales - you know the price you get now is the honest price.

Oh, and since you've scrolled that faaaaaaar?
Here are some fun facts about Automic Gold and its founders Alena and Jamie.
  • 1. Automic is made up of the words Aurum, Atom and Autonomy.
  • 2. Our jewelry box is designed from a star map of the Western Hemisphere.
  • 3. All new jewelry designs are first worn by Alena and Jamie for weeks to make sure they are up to our standards of comfort.
  • 4. Alena and Jamie have a cat - black fluffball called Mikasa and a miniature dachshund dog called Luna.

That's us and what we stand for.

Join us.

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