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Owned and proud

We are a queer, trans owned business

Automic Gold founder Al

Automic Gold was founded by AL

Al is genderqueer and uses they/them pronouns. They are a jeweller behind Automic Gold collection.

Gay jewelry

We are often asked why we mention that we are are a “queer owned and operated jewelry business” at every opportunity.

Automic Gold gay jewelry is made by actual gay people

Our calling is making some of the most comfortable and versatile jewelry you can think of inclusive to people of all sizes and all genders.

But what is no less important to us is being visible and outspoken while doing that.

< 1%
Less than a percent of US businesses are LGBTQ owned
< .02%
Only 0.02% are owned by transgender people source

LGBTQ-owned businesses are rare. A trans, lesbian owned jewelry brand is even more rare.

That is why we want to show an example that transgender, queer people can start and lead succesfull companies.

Automic Gold model Jezra Automic Gold model Mo Pepin Automic Gold model Yeh
Automic Gold model Dez Automic Gold models Rain Dove and Cory Wade Automic Gold model Loejjie
Automic Gold model Calloway Automic Gold model Yari

Beyond boundaries, beyond binaries

Automic Gold jewelry is for all genders.

Not because it is jewelry that fits on a person of any gender.

Not because the style is a baseline style that is deemed “acceptable” for binary genders.

But because Automic Gold jewelry was specifically designed to mix and warp the feminine, masculine, in between and outside to make fine jewelry that is beyond gender.

A truly gender-free jewelry, designed by a genderqueer person.


We are thankful to the LGBTQ community that supports us so fiercely.

To queers who rock our jewelry, to engaged and married folks who chose us to be their jeweller for the special occasion, and to everyone else who stans us and shares positive energy with us.

Never alone

Future is queer, and we are never alone on the journey.

Other organizations is what keeps us going and gives us strength.

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