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Sustainable Fine Jewelry Made in NYC

When you buy Automic Gold, you support sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethical manufacturing practices from start to finish.

Four solid yellow gold Automic Gold rings floating in water Four solid yellow gold Automic Gold rings floating in water

Durable Materials

Automic Gold fine jewelry is made with solid gold and durable gemstones because longevity is always the best sustainable practice. Gold will last because of its value; it is easily recycled, never tarnishes, and will always be passed down with care.

Close up view of a model's hand wearing several Automic Gold engagement and wedding rings on each finger

Local Sourcing

All of our gold and gemstones, except opal, are sourced locally in the US which reduces waste created by shipping. Some Sapphires come from a mine in Montana while our white opals come from Australia, where they are mined with the highest ethical standards.
Most of our natural diamonds and gemstones and all of the gold we use are reclaimed from old jewelry and old electronics. Our gold is certified by SCS for 100% recycled content. We also use lab-created stones such as moissanite, alexandrite, and lab-made diamonds which reduces mining.

Close up view of a jewelers hands working on crafting jewelry in the Automic Gold Studio


Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. Some of our competitors who claim to be sustainable produce their products overseas. Every single piece of Automic Gold jewelry is made right here in New York City, hand-crafted by expert goldsmiths at our studio. Making our jewelry in-house allows us to control all production steps, ensuring quality, care, and safety while reducing waste created by importing and exporting. 

Close up view of a model's ear wearing an Emerald Earring and a Sapphire Earring in two lobe piercings


No fast fashion here! We test our products ourselves. Members of staff wear each design for months to years before we release new pieces to make sure they are durable.

A selfie of Automic Gold founder AL and the Automic Gold team in their NYC office


Our packaging is made with recyclable and/or reusable materials. We also offer a minimal packaging option.

Direct to Consumer

Who needs middlemen? When you shop with Automic Gold you’re shopping directly with the manufacturer which means no high markups! You get affordable high-quality jewelry, made by reputable people you can speak to directly. Shipping directly to you also means no additional stores, storage, or shipping which reduces electricity and fuel.