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Sustainable Fine
Jewelry Made In NYC

Eco-friendly and ethical manufacturing from start to finish.

Various Automic Gold 14k solid gold rings floating in water

Durable Materials

We make our jewelry with durable gems and solid—never, ever plated—gold and platinum because longevity is crucial. Gold and platinum never tarnish, are easily recycled, and will always be passed down with care rather than tossed in a landfill.

A model's hand wearing several different recycled solid gold engagement rings and wedding bands on each finger


All of our metal and most of our natural gemstones are recycled from old jewelry and electronics. With the exception of white opals (mined in Australia), we source all other natural gems within the US from fellow small businesses, and not big corporations. We also use lab-made stones to reduce mining.

A graphic of four hand-drawn gems graduated in size
An Automic Gold jeweler hand-crafting solid gold jewelry at a work bench

Manufacturing And Testing

Some competitors claiming to be sustainable produce their products overseas. Every single piece of Automic Gold jewelry is made by our own skilled goldsmiths in our own studio and tested by our team. Each design is worn for months to years before we release new pieces to make sure they’re durable and comfortable. Doing all of this in-house lets us control all production steps to ensure quality, care, and safety while lessening pollution.

Automic Gold founder AL taking a selfie with the Automic Gold team behind them


Our paper packaging is recyclable and reusable! We also offer a discreet minimal packaging option.

Direct To Consumer

Who needs middlemen? When you shop with us, you shop with the manufacturer, meaning lower markups on high-quality jewelry made by reputable people you can speak to directly. Shipping directly to you also means no additional stores, storage, or shipping which reduces electricity and fuel.