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Travelling With Your Jewelry

Vacay season is here and whether you’re packing sunscreen or ski boots, you want to look your best. Jewelry is an integral part of your style but travelling with your jewelry can be difficult if you don’t plan ahead. Here are our essential tips to keep you shining on your trips.

Before you pack:

Did you know you can add your jewelry to your homeowners or renters insurance? We recommend doing this for your more expensive pieces, especially your wedding and engagement rings. You can also purchase travel insurance to help cover any pieces that may get lost or stolen.

What to pack:

Pick a few essential pieces that you can mix and match to change up your look while saving space in your suitcase. Pack them in your carry on or personal bag (not your stored luggage!) to make sure they don’t get misplaced.

It’s a good...

Gemstone Durability

If there’s anything that humans love doing with gemstones, it’s decorating ourselves! With so many gorgeous colors, cuts, and styles to choose from, it's no wonder we’ve been using them forever. That said, many factors play into how sturdy a certain gem will be for jewelry.


Hardness is how well a mineral resists being visibly scratched. The most common measurement of scratch resistance is the Mohs scale, with talc as the softest natural mineral (1) and diamond as the hardest (10). Talc can be scratched by everything else, but diamonds can only be scratched by other diamonds.

For rings you plan on wearing daily, gems at hardness 9 or above are ideal since hands get the most action throughout the day. Gemstones softer than this are easy to visibly scratch or chip if struck with enough force, so treat them with caution!...

The Ultimate Threader Style Guide

A solid 14k yellow gold Threader sitting in a model's palm with the beaded chain in a wave to show its flexibility


Whether you have one ear piercing or several, a threader is a stylish and fun way to dress up any look. Before you style your new pieces, here’s how to put them on correctly.


A model pushing a threader into their piercing incorrectly by bending the beads at the post
X Inserting Threader earrings this way might lead to damage.


How We Make Your Dream Jewelry

The people who choose us to bring their jewelry desires to life are a crucial and beloved part of Automic Gold. We know taking the plunge with a personalized piece can be daunting, though, so here we lay out every step of the process so you can place your order with confidence!

Various Automic Gold custom rings on a dark blue background

1. You tell us what you want.

It all starts with your first email to our customs department.
Here are the questions we ask people interested in a custom piece:

  1. What kind of piece are you looking for?

    A chic nameplate? A new set of statement earrings? An anniversary bracelet? Endless possibilities! 

  2. Would you like it in gold, silver, or...

Natural Diamonds vs. Lab Diamonds vs. Moissanite


A yellow gold Moissanite Branches Ring, 1/3 Carat Diamond Ring, and a Round Lab Diamond Ring stacked on a model's finger


When you're buying a ring you plan to wear every day, you want something that can keep up with your lifestyle. Here we break down the difference between our three most durable gemstones: natural diamonds, lab diamonds, and moissanites, to help you choose your perfect gemstone centerpiece. 

What Are Lab Diamonds?

Lab diamonds are not imitationsthey are the same as natural diamonds in their chemical makeup and appearance. Their main difference is how they’re created. Natural diamonds form when carbon deposits are exposed to extreme heat and pressure deep beneath the earth's crust, a process that can take millions to billions of years. In the 1950s scientists developed a way to replicate those same conditions to...

Finding The Perfect Ring Fit

Whether it’s a ring you wear every day, a ring you break out on special occasions, or a ring as precious as your engagement or wedding band, you want to make sure it’s perfect in every way. 

Choosing a ring that fits you just right will keep both you and your ring looking gorgeous, so we’ve created a handy guide on what to look for in your perfect band.

Ring Size:

Ring Size refers to the inner diameter of the ring. Sizing is different in various countries, as we are located in the United States, our ring sizes are listed according to the US standard. Choosing the right ring size will make sure the ring sits comfortably at the base of your finger without slipping...

Backings Breakdown: Comfort, Security, And Choices

At Automic Gold we care about quality and comfort, that’s why we offer 5 different backing options for our earrings. To help you find the perfect earrings for you, here's a rundown of each type.


we carry two versions of push-back backings. These backs slide on and off the post with minimal effort. Some of our studs have two grooves along the post so you can adjust the tightness against your lobe. The majority of our earrings have pushbacks as an option.

  • Standard Pushbacks:

Yellow gold Emerald Earrings shown with 14k solid gold pushback backings


Our standard pushbacks are a classic. A cute butterfly-style backing that's perfect for lobe piercings, particularly if you change out your earrings frequently as they are the easiest to take on and off. 


Why Does Gold Have Different Colors?

A model's hand wearing a stack of four wedding bands in yellow, white, rose and champagne gold

Gold is an incredibly gorgeous and valuable metal that can come in various shades. Primarily, gold is yellow and in order to create additional shades, the gold is often mixed with other metals to create an alloy in the same way you may mix paint colors to create beautiful new hues. 

These alloys allow gold to be more durable and affordable. Gold is a rare precious metal whose price is usually based on the karat, or purity, of the gold. The higher the karat, the more expensive the piece. 

Gold is also a soft and malleable metal, mixing gold with other metals increases its durability and makes...

What Does Karat Mean In Gold Jewelry?

A solid 14k yellow gold filigree wedding band on a dark blue background

What does Karat mean?

The origin of the words Karat and Carat have a delicious history, they come from “carob”, the same tree that gives us chocolate. Hundreds of years ago, a single seed from the carob tree was used as a standard for weight against a small gemstone. This unit of measurement eventually became the standard for measuring the purity of gold as well. Over time the different spellings were created to differentiate between the two, with Karat (“kt” for short) being the measure of gold purity and Carat (“ct” for short) being the measure of a gem's weight.

What is gold purity?

Gold in its natural state is soft and malleable so it’s often alloyed with other metals to increase its strength. Although the percentage of precious metal present in...

Black Owned Businesses To Throw Your Money At For Juneteenth (And All Year Round)

Since Juneteenth became a national holiday in 2021, we’ve seen a rush by corporations to capitalize on the holiday. On June 19th 1865 the last enslaved peoples of Galveston, Texas were informed of their freedom, marking the end of slavery. For over 150 years Juneteenth has been a celebration by and for the Black community in America. While it’s wonderful that Juneteenth is finally getting the recognition it deserves, it’s important to make sure that in our celebration of the holiday we continue to uplift and support the Black community. 

 So we’re celebrating this Juneteenth by highlighting some of our favorite Black owned businesses. 

BLK MKT Vintage:

Juneteenth Apparel: 

We Celebrate Black: