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Backings Breakdown: Comfort, Security, And Choices

At Automic Gold we care about quality and comfort, that’s why we offer 5 different backing options for our earrings. To help you find the perfect earrings for you, here's a rundown of each type.


we carry two versions of push-back backings. These backs slide on and off the post with minimal effort. Some of our studs have two grooves along the post so you can adjust the tightness against your lobe. The majority of our earrings have pushbacks as an option.

  • Standard Pushbacks:

Yellow gold Emerald Earrings shown with 14k solid gold pushback backings


Our standard pushbacks are a classic. A cute butterfly-style backing that's perfect for lobe piercings, particularly if you change out your earrings frequently as they are the easiest to take on and off. 

  • Large Pushbacks:

Side view of a pair of solid 14k gold white enamel heart earrings with large pushback backings


Similar to our standard pushbacks but a bit larger so they are easier to grip. Hint, if either of these backings starts feeling too loose you can gently squeeze together the two curls or “butterfly wings” to make it tighter.


Close up view of solid gold screwback post with backing

A more rounded backing that screws onto a threaded post. You can screw these earrings on as loose or as tight as you need. This design is very secure and perfect for earrings you want to keep on all the time. The majority of our earrings also have screwbacks as an option.


 Three versions of the Triangle Flat Back Earring shown in options of rose, yellow, and white gold


Flatbacks aren’t just for lobes, they’re good for many types of piercings. The post of the flatback goes completely inside the backing so they sit comfortably against your skin. Since these backings go inside of your piercing, they are made only in 14k yellow gold to avoid sensitivity. These backings come in 4 different sizes so you can choose what size is best for you.  The post is slightly bent so the backing will stay on as securely as possible, if the backing becomes loose you can gently bend the post some more so it will have a tighter fit.

Pressure lock backs: 

A pair of yellow gold Blue Sapphire Pressure Lock Earrings on a dark blue background


Our newest backings! Our pressure lock backings are our most secure. In order to put them on and take them off you need to squeeze in the two tabs. The pressure from the mechanism inside holds it tight to the post so it won’t budge. These backings are large and round so they're easy to grip. The posts for these earrings are thicker than our standard posts but also have two notches so you can adjust the tightness.


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