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Recycle With Us!

A pile of old gold jewelry, a pile of gold nuggets, a pile of unpolished gold jewelry, and a finished Automic Gold gemstone evil eye ringGot some old, unwanted, or broken jewelry laying around? Consider giving it a new life with us! Depending on what you have, you can either get some extra coin for our shop or have it reworked into a new piece for your current style that you’ll never want to take off.

Store Credit

Here’s what we accept for recycling:

  • Gold
      • We accept all purities, and they don’t need to be strictly solid, either! We also take hollow and gold-filled pieces.
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Natural precious gemstones
      • AKA natural diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds.

    Store credit for metal jewelry is based on the gram weight of the precious metal. For solid & hollow pieces, you can put your jewelry on a kitchen scale to estimate how much you’ll get. For gold-filled, it will depend on the weight of the gold, not the weight of the piece itself (gold-filled pieces are typically only 5% gold by weight). 

    For natural precious stones, we’ll need to inspect them in person first to determine the store credit amount.

    Gift cards for our store never expire and can be used toward both regular and custom orders!

    Reworking Your Materials


    Whether we can use your metal for new jewelry depends on its type (we only work with gold, silver, and platinum) and weight. 

    In order to reuse your metal for a new piece, we need around 20% more metal weight from the old piece than the new piece will have. If you want to use multiple different pieces, they should be from the same manufacturer or we can combine your 24k gold with at most one other alloy piece (i.e., less than 24k).

    Unfortunately, we cannot mix two types of metal (e.g., silver with gold) or gold alloys from two different sources. Different gold manufacturers use different metal compositions, and combining unknown alloys together carries major structural risks. We’ve seen rings outright break during production or wear when we’ve tried to mix metals like this, and we won’t risk compromising your jewelry in this way. 

    If we can’t directly reuse your metal, we’re still more than happy to provide store credit to make crafting your new dream piece easier on your wallet.


    Yes, we can use your gemstones too! We do prefer to work with our own though, since we have a much better grasp of where they came from and what they’ve been through. We can’t be liable for the wearability or durability of stones that aren’t ours. We’ll always be as careful as possible with them during production, but we are not responsible if they break in the manufacturing process. If we provide the stone(s) ourselves, we are fully responsible for them and you have a warranty!

    How Do I Get Started?

    It’s as easy as hitting up our Custom’s Department! Just email us pictures of your jewelry and we’ll take it from there. We look forward to working with you!

    Radically wearable fine jewelry, for everyone.

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