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Snake, Star, Opal, and Triangle Flatback Piercings lined up on a blue background



Flatback length.

The best way to determine the correct length for your flat back piercing is to measure the post of a piece of body jewelry you already have that fits you well. You can also measure your piercing itself by measuring the length between the two holes using a ruler or caliper. Otherwise check with your piercer for which length suits your needs.

Snake, Star, Opal and Triangle Flatback Piercings shown in flatback options of 10mm, 8mm, 6mm and 4mm respectively

All bodies and piercings are different

If you are unsure where to start we suggest 10mm for lobe, 8mm for upper lobe, 6mm for tragus or lip, and 4mm for conch and helix based on average measurements for these piercings.

Graph: 4mm is 0.16 inch or 3/16 in, 6mm is 0.23 inches or ¼ in, 8mm is 0.31 inches or 5/16 in, 10mm is 0.9 inches or 7/16 in