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Finding The Perfect Ring Fit

Whether it’s a ring you wear every day, a ring you break out on special occasions, or a ring as precious as your engagement or wedding band, you want to make sure it’s perfect in every way. 

Choosing a ring that fits you just right will keep both you and your ring looking gorgeous, so we’ve created a handy guide on what to look for in your perfect band.

Ring Size:

Ring Size refers to the inner diameter of the ring. Sizing is different in various countries, as we are located in the United States, our ring sizes are listed according to the US standard. Choosing the right ring size will make sure the ring sits comfortably at the base of your finger without slipping off on its own or being too tight to slide on and off. Keep in mind that the size of your knuckle is also a factor in sizing your ring. Your ring should feel a little snug sliding over your knuckle to prevent it from slipping off while still being able to slide on smoothly. Our Ring Sizer can help you make sure you have the perfect fit. 

Pro tip: your finger size may vary slightly depending on the weather, the time of day, and whether or not it’s your dominant hand. Make sure to measure with our ring sizer a few different times to ensure you’ll be able to put on your ring and take it off comfortably. The ring size you need may change over time, If you have an Automic Gold ring that needs to be resized Contact us and we can resize it for you.


An infographic chart of ring sizes and their corresponding inner diameter measurements in millimeters


Ring Fit:

There are two types of ring fits, Standard and Comfort. A standard fit ring is flat on the inside and sits flush with the finger throughout the entire width of the ring. Comfort fit rings have a rounded inside edge giving it a bit of a middle bulge, so it slides on and off smoothly and it's comfortable to wear. Due to the rounded interior of a comfort fit band, it’s best to order the ring in your exact size to prevent it from slipping off your finger. 

An infographic showing the difference between Standard and Comfort fit rings

Ring Width: 

The width of the ring refers to the measurement of the ring from top to bottom, or from the base of your finger to the tip. Choosing the right ring width is mostly about personal style, whether you want a more minimalist, thinner band, or a stand-out thicker band. You also want to choose a ring width that will feel comfortable when closing your hand. 

7 Versions of the industrial matte wedding band shown in varying thicknesses from 1.2mm to 8mm

Ring Height: 

Ring height is its thickness, how far away from your finger the ring goes. Picking a ring height that works with your lifestyle can help the longevity of a ring. For example: The higher up from the finger the ring is the more likely it is to bump against surfaces, so if you lead a very active lifestyle you may want a ring with less height.

A graphic of an engagement ring showing the ring height

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