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Travelling With Your Jewelry

Vacay season is here and whether you’re packing sunscreen or ski boots, you want to look your best. Jewelry is an integral part of your style but travelling with your jewelry can be difficult if you don’t plan ahead. Here are our essential tips to keep you shining on your trips.

Before you pack:

Did you know you can add your jewelry to your homeowners or renters insurance? We recommend doing this for your more expensive pieces, especially your wedding and engagement rings. You can also purchase travel insurance to help cover any pieces that may get lost or stolen.

What to pack:

Pick a few essential pieces that you can mix and match to change up your look while saving space in your suitcase. Pack them in your carry on or personal bag (not your stored luggage!) to make sure they don’t get misplaced.

It’s a good idea to keep an inventory of your pieces by taking photos of what you’re bringing with you. This will help you make sure you re-pack all your items for the trip home.

Keep it organized:

The way you store your jewelry for travel can help prevent tangling and scratching, and helps you keep track of all of your pieces. Here are our favorite ways to store your jewelry:

Storage Pouch

A model holding an Automic Gold storage pouch in the palm of their hand  A model holding an Automic Gold storage pouch on top of a book box.

This little pouch comes free with every order. Small and compact, this pouch is good for one or two small pieces like a pair of earrings, charms or a single chain or bracelet. It’ll keep your jewelry from getting scratched or damaged while it’s packed with your other items. Use multiple pouches to separate your more delicate jewelry, or jewelry with softer stones, to prevent tangles, scratches or chipping.

Ring Box

A dark blue and white Automic Gold ring box open to show the inside  A dark blue and white Automic Gold ring box closed to show the velvet lid

Our cute ring box comes free with every engagement or wedding ring purchase. This little but durable box has a soft inside and will keep your most precious ring safe when you’re doing outdoor activities like swimming, hiking or climbing.

Book Box

A dark blue and white Automic Gold book box open to show the soft foam inside  A dark blue and white Automic Gold book box closed

Our Book Box comes free with your order (except for orders with minimal packaging) and it’s reusable! It’s perfect for keeping a few pieces organized and the soft interior prevents scratches. You can even store your polishing cloth underneath the insert!

Travel Case

An open Automic Gold Travel Case with multiple pieces of solid gold jewelry inside and chains tucked into the pouch on top  A model holding a closed Automic Gold Travel Case

Our travel case is the ultimate way to store your jewelry. Great for multiple pieces so you can switch up your look. There’s a separate space for everything! It has hooks to keep your necklaces, anklets, and bracelets from getting tangled and slots to keep your earrings, rings, charms, and body jewelry organized. Keep all your Automic Gold jewelry safe and secure in this soft and durable box.

Take care of your pieces:

A lot can happen on vacation! Whether you’re enjoying the sun, seeing the sights, or hitting the slopes, you want your pieces to stay clean and sparkling. Our polishing cloth is an easy way to give your jewelry a quick shine.

An Automic Gold jewelry polishing cloth laid out on a model's palm An Automic Gold jewelry polishing cloth laying on top of a blue envelope in a model's hand

Remember, some stones can handle anything but others may need some extra care. Make sure to remove jewelry with soft and/or porous stones before doing things like swimming. Check our care guide for all your gem jewelry do’s and don’ts.

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