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Automic Gold Birthstone Rings


All 12 gemstones are ethically sourced - from garnet to turquoise. Each ring is hand-made in NYC from solid reclaimed gold.

Brought to you by Automic Gold

  • α

    We don't photoshop models.

    Hell yeah to positive, honest body images.

  • β

    Representation matters.

    We hire size-inclusive, non-cis and non-white models all year round, not just for awareness months.

  • γ

    Made in USA.

    All of it, from the jewelry to the packaging it arrives in when it gets to your door.

  • δ


    We have never taken money from investors, so we never have to compromise our values for numbers.

Automic Gold Birthstone rings worn by a model

Available in Yellow,
White and Rose Gold.

Solid gold that is 24/7 wearable.


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