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Polishing Cloth
An Automic Gold jewelry polishing cloth laying on top of a blue envelope An Automic Gold branded envelope containing a polishing cloth The back of an Automic Gold branded envelope containing a polishing cloth
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Polishing Cloth

Ships from New York City • Processing time is 1 to 5 business days • Free returns (US only)

The Deets

Want to keep your solid gold jewelry shining? Our polishing cloth is designed to keep your Automic Gold jewelry looking like new!

This polishing cloth is perfect to clean mildly dirty jewelry or to restore shine to pieces that may dull with exposure to sweat, lotions, or weather. Please see our gold care guide for jewelry that needs more than a little polish.

To use our polishing cloth: rub your jewelry with firm, even pressure to ensure a good cleaning without warping your piece.  Our polishing cloth should be used without water and on dry jewelry. Polish only the metal parts of your jewelry as some stones may be too delicate. See our jewelry care guide for more info.

Cloth comes in a cute Automic Gold envelope for easy storage that will keep your cloth clean between uses.

 Delivered to you in 3-6 business days in a USPS envelope, tracking not included.

Cloth measures 5" x 5", Envelope measure 5.3" x 2.75"