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Ethical and environmental commitment

All Automic Gold jewelry produced from reclaimed gold ✨. That means gold is being re-used and no new mining needed: no impact on planet, good for environment 🌎

  • Our gold certified by SCS for 100% recycled content
  • Our gold certified by the EICC - GeSI for conflict-free gold sourcing


All Automic Gold jewelry made in solid gold only, because it is the best sustainable practice 🌳. Gold made to last and can be easily passed down or re-cycled. It will not be just another non-recyclable thrown away in the landfill.


All Automic Gold jewelry, all parts and packaging produced in ethical conditions in NYC and in USA❤️


Free prepaid shipping label included with all US orders


Run wild! We will repair or replace the jewelry for free for 6 months.


Yes to repair, resell and reuse. Message us to reuse, repair or resell your fine jewelry.