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Our ethical and environmental commitment

Unlike mining, where approximately 20 tons of waste generated to produce just one ounce of gold, refining precious metals - has no waste❗.

All Automic’s jewelry produced from 100% reclaimed gold ✨. That means gold is being re-used and no new mining needed: no impact on planet, good for environment 🌎. And we make sure all gold comes from non-conflicted areas.

We choose to make all our jewelry in solid gold, because it is the best sustainable practice for environment 🌳. Gold made to last and can be easily passed down or re-cycled. It will not be just another non-recyclable thrown away in the landfill.

  • Our gold certified by SCS for 100% recycled content
  • Our gold certified by the EICC - GeSI for conflict-free gold sourcing

All Automic’s jewelry and all parts produced in ethical conditions in NYC and in USA.

We make sure that our refining, manufacturing and office work space environments provide healthy and safe work spaces for all employees, at the fair wages, without discrimination, with respect for human rights and equal opportunity ❤️.