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Why We Don't Take Investment Money

Here's something we’ve never talked about before.

We committed from the beginning not to take investments for Automic Gold. We made this commitment consciously so that we will never have to compromise our standards for numbers.

This decision comes grounded in experiences where we saw how investor funds can pressure one into being profitable over being a business that aims for good. 

And yes, it does make things difficult for us. Often we can't afford to hire more people or to be in more locations. We have to wait until we sell our current collection before we have enough funds to make a new one. If we had more investments - we could have already launched so many more things,

But, thanks to your continuous support, we know we will get there soon.

Meanwhile? Hit us up for custom orders and shop our collection. Thank you all for all your orders -  thanks to you all we are growing and moving forward!

Radically wearable fine jewelry, for everyone.

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