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All new rings you need now

Introducing new 14k solid gold engagement and wedding rings with unique vibes that are durable enough to last a lifetime.

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A hand with three to four rings on each finger



See what we have to offer in our collections below!

An Infinity Diamond Ring, Rope Ring, Sapphire Industrial, Line Ring, Rainbow Band, Hammered Ring, and Shimmer Ring stacked


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Close up view of a model's face while wearing a Tanlah Cable Necklace with the pendant resting between the model's lips

New Arrivals

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A model wearing multiple Thick Cuffs on one ear, a stack of Bead Chain Rings, a Line Ring, and a Curb Chain


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Custom Automic Gold Nameplates on necklaces, rings, charms, and earrings in various words belonging to the LGBTQIA+ community


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A Custom grey sapphire engagement ring in 14k solid rose gold with floral rose detailing


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Wearable Gold

A model with long nails wearing various Automic Gold rings on both hands, a Tanlah Bracelet, and a One to One Chain


For all sizes, genders and styles.

Still the only fine jewelry brand in the world to carry plus sizes for each item in the collection.

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A 14k solid recycled yellow gold Bound Together Necklace laying on a blue cloth background


Only 100% reclaimed solid gold.

All handmade in our studio in NYC.

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A model's hand touching the back of their head while wearing a Smiley Face Ring, a Sapphire Industrial, and a 5 Diamond Ring


Designed for real life, with real gold that won't tarnish or irritate.

Each design tested for comfort.

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Automic Gold stacking rings
Luna models Automic Gold necklace
AL and the Automic Gold team take a selfie from their office
Automic Gold solid gold earrings