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Automic Gold Forever-On Mini Collection of Permanent Jewelry

(with healthy boundaries)

Permanent jewelry
so comfortable you won’t
notice wearing it.

Automic Gold Forever-On permanent bracelet being put on on a model

Offered exclusively at our SoHo store

No appointment needed.
Artists & Fleas SoHo,
490 Broadway NY
get directions

Automic Gold Forever On permanent necklace chain worn by a model

Yay to healthy boundaries

Remove it at home with pliers
or come to us

Automic Gold Forever On permanent bracelet worn by a model


All Forever On jewelry can be worn 24/7, does not have to be taken off for TSA and is not scared of water or sun.

forever on duo

Forever On collection is available as a necklace and as a bracelet/anklet.
Try on and get them in our SoHo store.


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