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How I Started the Company


Al here, founder of Automic Gold. I want to share with you my story: how I started working in the jewelry industry and why I design my own jewelry.

I migrated into the USA in 2009, when the world was going through a finacial crisis and I couldn't find a job for a really long time. I didn't have any relatives or friends here, so I was really desperate. The only job I could find at the time, was giving out fliers for a jewelry store. So I took it. I was paid $4 and hour :/ I didn't know it was illegal at the time, but I still did it.  After this I was working as a jewelry store clerk, as assistant to the manager and then the store manager. And right now I have my own business. Yayyyy! American dream, right? (no sarcasm intended)

Since I worked in all positions in the fine jewelry industry, it is very important for me to treat my employees fair, pay them a living wage and to make sure their working conditions are as good as possible. Because I've been that employee once.

While I was working for a jewelry store I really had that passion, I wanted to create jewelry with good quality materials, but no pretension, Pieces that were not that fancy. I wanted earrings I can just put on and forget about, that I could wear from day to night, and which will not break my bank. I couldn't find anything on the market. That is why I went to jewelry school, because I knew there was something I want to create. I went to 3 jewelry schools in Manhattan starting in 2012. One of them was the GIA. The Gemological Institute of America. 

I wanted to create something comfortable with a very thought out design. Each design I wear myself, I test it for at least few months before putting it on the market. I make sure its comfortable and it looks good with everything. I like to create jewelry which will compliment your style and which will not be too fancy, but still look great and feel great.

So, here you can find all of our jewelry. And if you already own Automic Gold, I hope my jewelry brought you confidence and made your day brighter ❤️


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