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An Open Letter To The Jewelry Industry

Picture this: a plus-size person walks into a jewelry store, looking for a simple ring with a unique design. Five minutes later, they’ve found the perfect piece—it’s delicate, it’s well-made, and it’s unlike anything they’ve seen before. When they try to put it on, it barely fits their pinky ring. They ask for a larger size and are told that’s the biggest they’ve got. That sends the message that plus-size bodies are less deserving of beautiful jewelry. And retailers should be ashamed of that message.

Do a quick Google search for “plus-size jewelry” and it’s limited to fashion brands—with no jewelry-making expertise—swimming out of their lanes. But if you’re looking for handcrafted, minimalist jewelry? The options disappear. Instead of running from the scarcity of items available in larger sizes, we decided to do something about it.

The majority of America wears plus sizes—and millions of people are sick of being treated like they don’t belong. So let’s end the fatphobia and give everyone the same access to the same beautiful things. Because size inclusivity should be the rule, not a trending hashtag.


- A brand who’s made plus-size jewelry happen

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