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How To Clean Real Gold Jewelry, With Diamonds Or With Stones. Easy, At Home.

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Cleaning plain real gold jewelry is very easy - just use water, soap, cloth or a soft brush.

 Note of caution: be careful not to drop your valuable piece into the sink! You can put a cloth over drain to prevent anything from falling down the drain.

First - if the piece is extra dirty you can leave it to soak in mix of soap and water overnight. That is essentially like a pre-wash.

If the piece got scratched up with use, use our polishing cloth to polish visible parts of the metal. Press hard when you polish. If scratches are serious and still don't go away - take it to a jeweler for a re-polish.

For gold jewelry with diamonds or cubic zirconia stones, steps above apply all the same. But in this case, be extra careful with metal parts that hold the stone in place while using brush or cloth. You can bend or damage the stone setting and loose the stones easily if you use too much force. That's why it's advised to use brush or cloth only on the bottom of setting and on the sides - places where you don't risk bending prongs that hold the stone.

For the jewelry with precious gemstones - use polishing cloth only on the metal parts. Do not use hot water, and don't use cleaning chemicals. Many natural gemstones are too delicate for it and will react negatively to heat or chemical compounds.

That's it! And if you want to see a more detailed version, check out our Gold Care page.

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