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How to style multiple earrings?


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Multi-pierced ears are so fun to style. You can stick to one statement look, or switch up the earrings for a myriad of fresh looks. 

Here's my advice and some ideas on how to style the earrings!

Go from big to small, or from long to short.

Start with the biggest or longest earring closer to your face, and go with smaller or shorter earrings as you move up the earlobe. That way you build an elegant graduated look.

And, if you want to bring a bit of punk energy, switch the order in opposite direction - from smallest to largest further away from the face.

If you're not sure what style to choose - stick to one metal.

If you stick to one type of metal (yellow gold, white gold or rose gold), your earrings will work well together in any way.

Earrings of the same metal color, or earrings of the same stone in graduated sizes is a classic look you can’t go wrong with. Yet it is so fun to play with different shapes and combinations. Don’t be scared to try out many options and see what  works best for your ear and your style.

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