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Layering 101: How To Layer Necklaces

From Shortest to Longest

Leave 2 inches between necklaces. It's a good amount of space to leave between necklaces for balanced, organic flow.
To spice up the mix, add a pendant or lariat necklace, but make sure to account for height of the pendant when you layer to balance the look
Model wearing Automic Gold Choker, Dashed Collar and Lariat Necklace
Above (from top to bottom):

The Biggest Pendant Goes to the Bottom

Style the biggest, heaviest pendant be on the bottom, and add a pop of color in the middle for polished layering:
Model wearing 14k Gold Automic Gold Choker, Opal Necklace and Disk Necklace
Above (from top to bottom):

The More the Better

The more necklaces you layer, the more artsy and balanced the look will be. Let the long necklace fall beneath the clothes rather than above for a sexy look.
Model wearing Automic Gold solid 14k gold necklaces
Above (from top to bottom):

Yes, Layer Just Two Necklaces

For short necklaces, choose the lengths that are close (for example 13" and 16" necklaces).
For long necklaces, choose more dramatic difference (for example 16" and 30"), like here:
Model wearing Automic Gold Bar Necklace and Infinity Necklace
Above (from top to bottom):


You can find all necklaces used in this article here!


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