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Queer businesses to throw your money at

Only after starting my own brand, I understood how hard it is to "make it" in the world with huge corporations and even bigger investments. Only after that I stopped (ok, 90% stopped) to shop with classical retail system and I am trying to shop only with independent artists and brands. Because now I know from the inside out how hard they work and how much more they care not just about the bottom line.

Here is queer businesses to throw your money at and I marked with 💜 my personal favorites.


Queer Retailers:

  1. Fredricks and Mae:
  2. 💜 OtherWild:
  3. Radimo:
  4. BLK MKT Vintage:
  5. Passionfruit:
  6. Cult Party:
  7. Babeland:
  8. Blue Stockings:
  9. Housing Works:
  10. Minna Goods:


Queer Clothing:

  1. 💜 Stuzo Clothing:
  2. 💜 Kirrin Finch:
  3. Revel and Riot:
  4. Peau de Loup:
  5. Tomboy X:
  6. 💜 Wildfang:
  7. 💜 Lockwood51:
  8. Brujas:
  9. Chromat:
  10. Flavnt Streetwear:
  11. The A/C Space:
  12. Rebirth Garments:
  13. Androgynous Fox:
  14. Aware Wolf:
  15. Genuine Valentine:
  16. What Trans Looks Like:
  17. Butch and Sissy:
  18. 💜 Tomboy Toes:
  19. Syro:
  20. Trans Guy Supply:
  21. Stealth Bros and Co:
  22. ONE DNA:


Queer Jewelry:

  1. 💜 Automic Gold  - its me 😊 I don't really shop jewelry, since i make all my jewelry myself, but here some other brands:
  2. Burkina Bae:
  3. Tack:
  4. Bond Hardware:


Queer Beauty:

  1. 💜 Fluide:
  2. Bio Glitz:
  3. Noto Botanics:
  4. Jade and Fox:
  5. Ms Andry’s Bathhouse:


Queer Art:

  1. 💜 ggggrimes:
  2. Rocio Rocky Cabrera:
  3. Nabi:
  4. Samya Arif:
  5. Art Queer Habibi:
  6. Ashley Lukashevsky:
  7. Brittany Burton:
  8. Sparklyfawn:
  9. Clair Chin:
  10. Xaviera Altena:
  11. Olivia M Healy:
  12. Charlotte Allingham:
  13. Loveis Wise:
  14. Charlot Kristensen:



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